TikTok videos are reaching millions of people every day. Isn't now the perfect time to be more conscious of what we're putting out into the world?

What's Purposeful Posting?

I'm glad you asked, my friend. 👇

Purposeful Posting (bet you can't say it quickly 10 times) is the idea of being conscious of the media content we're putting out into the world, be it videos, reels, graphics, Insta pics, or even blog posts.

Love it or hate it, social media is at the forefront of how we communicate as a global society.

But here's the thing — as Muslims, we have a big responsibility. And that is to represent Islam as the beautiful religion we know it to be. Whether it's in:

  • our treatment of others
  • our manners
  • our charity
  • our business
  • our daily actions

Everything we do circles back to what is pleasing to Allah SWT – and our social presence is no exception to this rule.

In fact because of the mass viewings and engagement our TikTok videos and Instagram photos can attract – now more than ever, it's more of a big deal to think about what we're posting.

In the moment we may not realise it, but once we hit publish on any content we've created, we end up normalising and encouraging something that we may not actually intend to.

There's a ton of ways that we, as Muslims, can refine and refresh our social content to make sure we're using these platforms in the best way we can.

So let's get into it!

Cutting Out Music From Our Reels 🎧

I want to dive into this one first because it's a common struggle for a lot of us social media users out there.

Unless I'm scrolling through my feed on volume zero (which is hardly ever the case), I always catch myself hearing the background music from whatever reel or TikTok I land on.

Now, what if Muslim content creators and businesses actively chose to cut out music from their videos?

Not only could they gain more barakah in their work/content by leaving something for the sake of Allah, they'd also be hugely contributing to making social media an easier tool for Muslims to utilise.

I get it...

The social scene is big on 'trending sounds' and this idea that if you use a certain song, it somehow increases your engagement.

But – ask yourself if it's worth it.

Beautiful content can still be created without music, and here's how:

  • Using nasheeds instead of songs
  • Doing a voiceover on top of the video
  • Using 'trending sounds' that don't have any instruments
  • Finding vocals-only versions of the sound you're looking for

Start by checking out other Muslim-friendly accounts and save the audio, then you can use that same audio on your own content.

Will it Cause Harm if You Post it?

While we don't have full control over the way people interact and respond to our content, if you're ever not sure of whether to post or not, why not double check with a friend you trust?

A good metric to use to check your content (especially for speaking videos) is by asking yourself these three questions:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it necessary?

It's important we stay away from spreading exaggerated or fake news, and especially staying away from 'cancelling' other people in a hateful manner.

‘Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent’. [Al-Bukhari]

Cancel culture is an unfortunate norm and each of us feel a false entitlement to pass constant judgement on others. If you're the one viewing content that doesn't sit well with you, try this instead:

  • Message the creator privately (if you can) and advise with kindness
  • Remove yourself from viewing their content
  • Don't feel the urge to leave a nasty comment under their post
  • Avoid back-biting about them afterwards

What's Your Intention? 💭

Before we hit publish on anything, whether it's a tweet or a video, think about what your intention is in doing this. Is it a post that could encourage modest wear, or perhaps it's informing others about news in the Muslim world, or maybe it's to promote your halal business.

Whatever it may be, focus on your intention and make it a sincere one. Our posts can either earn the pleasure of Allah SWT, or earn His anger.

Be a Key to Goodness, Not Evil

If you've mastered the skill of editing up an aesthetic reel, or if you have a big following online – why not create and promote beneficial content that can aid other Muslims?

Social media is no doubt an extremely powerful tool and while it can be a force for good, it can be a path to many problems.

Imagine if we centred our content around uplifting our communities, spreading good knowledge and helping others feel confident as Muslims, we can impact and inspire so many hearts.

The Prophet ﷺ said, some people open the doors to good and close the doors to evil; other people open the doors to evil and close the doors to good. Glad tidings to those in whose hands Allāh places the keys to good, and woe to those in whose hands Allāh places the keys to evil.

Refine Your Following List

While it's important for us to talk about the content we're posting, it's equally as important to look at who we're connecting with in the social realm.

Are the accounts you're following beneficial in any way? Are they exposing you to content that is harmful for your eyes and mind? Do they promote good or encourage evil?

Whether we're inspired to create similar content, buy a certain product, or share another person's post, we are constantly impacted by what we see online.

Here's some practical steps to refining your following:

  • Unfollow any accounts that are not serving you as a Muslim
  • Follow accounts that help you grow you connection with Islam
  • Engage with accounts that align with your beliefs and morals (not take you away from them)

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