Hello 👋🏼 If you're here, I'm guessing (and hoping) that it's because you'd like to write for this blog!

The amazing news is we're always looking for new articles to feature, so if you want your work to be seen – feel free to send it over.

All final drafts must be attached as a Google Doc and sent to anonymouslyzara@gmail.com

(Don't forget to share the doc, otherwise we can't see it 😔)

Before you hit send, we'd recommend reading through our submission guide which looks at:

  • What this blog is about
  • What type of articles we love
  • General AZ house rules (no foul language etc.)
  • What happens when your article is accepted

Anonymously Zara – Quick Overview

The author of this blog is a young Muslimah in her early twenties who tends to write about navigating everything from uni and entrepreneurship, to managing relationships and practicing Islam.

Here at AZ, we understand the ongoing struggle for young Muslims in London to practice their faith whilst smashing their goals out the park.

This is why every article that features on this blog should aim to inspire others to break through glass ceilings with their head held high.

What Type of Articles We Love

Here's our most popular topics on the blog:

  • Productivity (time management tips, creating healthy boundaries, prioritising tasks etc.)
  • Uni Life (balancing work load, exam tips, general study tips, social circles etc.)
  • Faith (importance of knowledge, Quran memorisation, gratitude, connecting with Allah SWT)
  • Relationships (maintaining good friendships, family ties etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship (small business hacks, growing online, finance tips etc.)

This list is just an outline of the stuff we like to see on the blog. Your article may squeeze into a different category, and that's okay 🎉

We also love articles that review products/ services, too! Things like, "Top 5 Halal Burger Places..." – You get the drift!

We love a good story 📖

Have you recently experienced something that changed your life? – Format it into a great article and it'll be at the top of our review list!

Writing about personal experiences are a great way to engage and immerse the reader. It also makes the writer very relatable, as the audience can truly imagine themselves in your shoes.

Remember, there's a ton of things that our current authors may not have experienced (e.g. parenthood). If you have some handy tips to share, let us know.

General AZ House Rules

Although this blog is all about breaking barriers and achieving greatness, there are a few house rules we do like to abide by when posting articles! Here's a few 👇

No Foul Language, Please! – This blog remains a family-friendly place for readers of all ages to enjoy. Yes, the content may be directed at people in their early to mid twenties, however let's not encourage the use of any $%^* words 👀

Article length – We can't imagine many people wanting to read a thesis on their way to work 😅 The word count of your article should stay within 500 - 2,000 words. 2,000 is the maximum we're happy to accept.

Is it Helpful, True, and Kind? – Just like when we speak to others, these are also three things we should consider in our writing. If you're telling a story, make sure it's the truth and that the message behind it is useful.

Remove Any External Links – We do this because the article will end up seeming a little overloaded and salesy!

Tone of Voice

The AZ tone is super conversational. We want our readers to feel like they're our friend, but the type of friend that gives great advice! Here's some tips 🤝

  • Read your writing out loud before submitting (does it sound like you? – it should!)
  • Keep sentences short and snappy
  • Picture the audience as you're writing

What Happens After Submission?

If we think your article is an amazing fit for the blog, we shoot you over an email and let you know that you'll be featuring 😆

We'll keep you in the loop as to when it will be live (we like to get articles live ASAP)

Your name (along with a link to your personal blog if you have one) will be attached to the article. If you'd like to be anonymous, please state this at the top of the Google Doc.

That's all there is to it!

If you have any questions in relation to submissions and publishing, feel free to:

We can't wait to see your epic articles 😎