Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me

Hey, I'm Zara 👋🏼.  

The author behind this pretty messy blog you're reading.

When I'm not tucked away in my room, sitting in a cosy blanket and typing away on here, I help other companies with their words and branding.

I run a new-ish podcast with my best friend where we spend an hour or so each week just laughing at all sorts –  mainly our own lives.

Oh – and I do all of this while trying to uphold the CAE title (Coolest Aunty Ever👑).

But back to the writing stuff ✍🏼

I've been doodling in diaries since I was a kid. (I have a pretty awful obsession with cute notebooks and fancy pens.)

During my uni years, I jumped into a platform that goes by the name of Medium to publish pieces about my 'life experiences' – as a woke 19 yr old. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Fast forward to a year later, I pushed aside my fears and finally opened up my own online home in the form of AnonymouslyZara.

So here I am..

A twenty-something, British Muslim surfing the creative industry and figuring out this peculiar thing called 'life'.

Everything you read here is documentation of things I've actually learnt and stuff I'm honestly trying to figure out like:

  • How to work in corporate as a Gen-Xer
  • Where to find the time to work, study and nurture my hobbies
  • Why do I need experience to get a job but I need a job to get experience?

And so many more exciting, thought-provoking questions of the world.

Whether I'm trying to land big career opportunities 🚀, getting to know my religion more 🌻, or even going through major life changes in my twenties 🤷🏽‍♀️ – I'll be sure to tell you about it all.

So grab a cuppa, join the club, and immerse yourself into this online home of stories, life lessons, predicaments, and everything in between.

Oh – and if you ever want to have a chinwag with me, I'm forever reachable by this email here 👇🏼

Some of my work that's already floating around the internet 👇🏼

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