I started a podcast show with my best friend, Hafsah, in November 2020 🎙.  On the show we discuss everything from life, deen, and everything in between – and have frequently referred to it as our own little therapy session!

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our journeys to open the floor up to many conversations that tend to fade into the background  🔊

Hafsah is a med student who also spends a fair bit of time working in hospitals when her head isn't buried in the books! 📚 As a Black Muslim woman navigating life in her twenties, Hafsah's always giving us an insight into her hectic world, and the inspiring lessons she's learning on the way.

Hafsah and I both reflect on our lives as students and ponder on how to achieve the lifestyles we one day aim to lead.  Whether its leaning how to build and maintain better relationships, or connecting with our faith – there's not a stone left unturned.

Episode 01: Our first ever episode was a hit with our new audience! Helping us reach number 1 on Apple Podcasts, it's safe to say people were intrigued to know about Missheard (thankfully!) Check out out ep 1 here 👇Welcome to Misshear

Episode 03: Pre-Marriage Advice, & Excelling as an Individual: We often hear that marriage changes people. It opens them up to a new perspective on life and helps them form great habits. And although this may be true, we shouldn't wait for marriage to come around before perfecting our character. Check out this episode to hear our ultimate pre-marriage advice. 💍👇

Episode 04: Ultimate Hijab Conversation: This one caught the attention of a lot of our listeners, more-so because wearing the hijab in Western countries is a struggle. With the proliferation of social media and trends being flashed everywhere, holding onto the hijab takes serious dedication. Here's what turned into the ultimate hijab conversation (unfiltered). 🧕🏽👇