Spring is officially upon us and – while the uni students in the house will be ploughing through deadlines like me – you just can't resist the urge to spring clean your life! 🌻

If I had a penny for every time I heard the words 'detox' and 'cleanse' in the past year or so, I'd be writing this blog on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas with a cheeky mocktail in one hand. 🍹

My point is – in a generation that prides itself on leaving 'negative energy' behind and living the 'good vibes' life, how can we actually achieve this?

#1 Firstly, Reflect on What You Need to Change

Imagine this were your house – before you started reorganising that spice cupboard it would have to come to your attention that it's messy in the first place, right?

Take a step back and really look at areas in your life that you want to start improving. I'd get a piece of paper and break it up into four main columns like this:

P.S. You can always add columns – these are just the ones I've picked in this instance!

Under each column, write down up to three changes you want to implement. The reason I'd stick to three in each column is because we don't want to be overwhelmed. Naturally, us humans can fall into serious burnout when we place high pressure on ourselves – so pace yourself and you'll see beautiful results.

Some questions to ask yourself...


- Could I be focussing on my daily prayers more?
- Can I implement more moments of gratitude into my day?
- What ways can I seek more knowledge and become more spiritually connected?
- When's the last time I really took a step back to appreciate all the blessings in my life?

- Am I struggling to say no to things?
- How can I create healthier boundaries for myself?
- What's some of my biggest worries right now?
- Am I taking on too much in my day?
- What am I prioritising right now that could actually be done at a later time?

- Have I been making enough time in my day to exercise / go on a walk?
- What are my favourite ways to workout?
- Could I up my fruit and water intake to give me more energy throughout the day?
- When was the last time I got my bloods checked?
- Can I cut down my screen time to get a better night sleep in?

- When was the last time I sat down and reviewed my finances?
- Are there any subscriptions I'm paying for but no longer use?
- What are my financial goals for the next month?
- What will be my 'treat to myself' this month?

How Will These Questions Help Me? 

By making a note of your answers to each of these questions, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself!

Sometimes, when we begin to declutter our life, we're not quite sure where to start. These questions act as a guide to knowing exactly what needs to change, as well as getting you out of your comfort zone, hopefully.

#2 Focus on Your Diet 🥑

How can we live to our fullest potential if we're consuming bad habits?

Whenever I'm having an overwhelmingly lazy day, I find that it's because my diet has been poorly managed and I haven't had much exercise.

Focus on consuming foods with low glycemic index (foods that absorb slowly to avoid that instant fatigue). These include:

  • Whole-grains
  • High fibre vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fruits such as strawberries, apples and pears
  • Seafood (Salmon and Prawns)

This short clip below sums up how to make the most of your nutrition (specifically with Ramadan coming up). Maia is a well-known personal trainer who has some pretty impressive knowledge in this field! 👇

In this episode Maia shares with you all how you can implement a healthy balance to your nutrition which exists without excessive restrictions that cannot be...

#3 Check Your Circle 🤝

Sometimes we're blinded to the way people are really treating us, and it's only until we take a step back that we realise what's happening.

This isn't to say that everyone in your inner circle of friends is out to get you, but if you have been feeling a little side-lined, insecure or unhappy around a certain someone – this is the time to have a real think about your next steps.

Here's a useful tool that I once came across and was super intrigued by...

I call it the 'Enjoyability / Health Friendship Graph' catchy, I know!


Although it may not apply to everyone, this graph is helpful to see where you and your friendship groups are at – so why not give it a try!

#4 Treat Yourself to a Spa Day 🧖🏼‍♀️

Okay this has to be my favourite on the list.

It's all well and good trying to take your vitamins every day and going for a walk with nature, but sometimes a good old spa day does the trick!

If you just want to clear your headspace before ticking off a to-do list – this is a good place to start. 💅🏼

A Top Recommendation for a Spa Day in London

The Beauty Lodge Day Spa

This gorgeous hidden spa in the heart of North London is female-only and a top choice if you want a relaxing swim in a hot jacuzzi. (Bliss!)

What you can expect:
🏊🏼‍♀️ Luxury heated jacuzzi
💓Beauty Treatments
🧖🏼‍♀️Full body exfoliation

#5 Switch Screen Time for Reading Time

When's the last time you got stuck into a good book?

My short attention span doesn't let me stay with a book for very long so, before I know it, I'm back on TikTok scrolling endlessly.

But let's face it – screen time has its ugly side. During Covid, it was reported that UK adults were, on average, spending 40% of their waking hours on their devices. Essentially half a day was spent in front of a screen and, consequently, away from the real world. Not only is this damaging to our personal relationships, but a real addiction to screens starts to form.

This is why I wouldn't recommend completely cutting it out 'cold-turkey' style – but how about swapping it for something else?

Picking up a book instead of your phone before you sleep will not only help your quality of sleep increase, but it also boosts that vocab of yours – and who doesn't want to sound like a super cool wordsmith, eh? 🥸

Okay – It's time to get spring cleaning 😌