When you think about how you connect with Allah SWT and the Quran, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Praying your Salah, reading or listening to the book of Allah, and reciting dhikr, right?

These are acts of worship ingrained into the lifestyle of Muslims everywhere.

Though, during these moments, how often do you really ponder on what you're saying? How many times does it resonate with you that you're reciting the words of your Lord?

In a world of full of distractions and the urge to be on our phones for the most part of the day, it's time we gave the Quran the attention it truly deserves, and understand what Allah SWT is saying to us.

This is where Quran Journalling steps in.

Since the lockdown, Quran Journalling has taken social media by a storm and has inspired people all over to get creative with seeking knowledge.

Quran Journalling is when you take a particular ayah (verse) from the Quran and you make notes of it's various meanings, as well as your personal reflections.

Through the use of colours, illustrations, various fonts and lettering, you can immerse yourself into the meanings behind a Quranic verse and ponder deeply on how it relates to your life.

How to Start Quran Journalling

Getting started with your Quran Journal doesn't need to be complex.

If you're not sure which ones to pick, here's a list of ayahs that you can start with.
  • Begin researching this verse by listening to it's tafseer, or by watching videos that go into detail about it. (Be sure to use reliable resources as you want your journal to be as accurate as possible!)
  • Get creative - write out the verse in a way that stands out, and start laying out your notes around it, and don't forget to have fun with it!
  • Share Your Masterpiece! - By sharing your reflections, you will benefit others and inspire them to do the same.
Top Tip: It's easier if you make normal (messy!) notes when researching, and then spending time illustrating this into your journal when you're ready.

Here's a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Quran Journalling is a powerful way to grow your connection with Allah SWT and His divine words.

Not only can it be used as a therapeutic way to destress, it deepens your understanding of what Islam teaches us and allows you to be more present during acts of worship.

Reflecting on the Qu'ran can be a creative, immersive and enjoyable experience. By dedicating time and energy to this activity, you can unravel knowledge that you didn't know before.

If you feel that you struggle to connect with the surahs that you repeat in your Salah, why not sit down with them and unpack their meanings?

Here's five amazing Instagram pages to check out for some inspiration! 💓

Happy Journalling! 😌