As I write this, we're currently in the month of Ramadan, meaning Muslims everywhere are beginning to reflect deeply about their lives and their relationship with Allah.

You'll often find during this time of year that our souls are yearning for peace and we naturally turn to good deeds. Whether it's cutting out music, being more modest or giving more to charity.

A huge change that many women think about making is the observation of hijab.

Perhaps you've been thinking about the hijab for a while, perhaps it's something you just started thinking about today – whatever place you may be at, it's so beautiful that you're contemplating this big step.

There's so many women that probably wished they had some useful tips, sisterly advice or even a source of comfort during this time. That's why we want to share our favourite tips to ease you into your journey with the hijab (including how to feel confident with it!).

Let's dive straight in...

☝🏻 Remind Yourself of Who You Are Doing it For

Before taking any action, we have to think about our intention.

Everything we do must be for the sake of Allah SWT.

We treat people with kindness for the sake of Allah, we give away a portion of our money for the sake of Allah, we love our spouses and our children for the sake of Allah, and we cover ourselves for the sake of Allah SWT.

The hijab is a command from our Lord, so by observing it, it is a form of ibadah (worship) and obedience that we carry out every single day when we leave our homes. Imagine every time you leave your house with the hijab, you are being rewarded because of how much you're pleasing Allah!

As Muslims, we know just how temporary this life is and we know that the everlasting bliss of Jannah is what we're striving towards. Remind yourself constantly of that final destination and how the hijab can be a means for you to enter into Paradise (InshaAllah!).

👀 Practice Wearing the Hijab in a Public Place

While some people may say that throwing yourself in the deep end isn't good – I disagree – (sorry not sorry).

When I first tried out the hijab, I knew I had to go somewhere that was super public like my local shopping centre because if I could wear it there - heck - I could wear it anywhere!

Sometimes it's helpful to make a big change in a more public setting to remove that fear of "bumping into people you know". It gives you such a burst of resilience and confidence while forcing you to push that social fear aside.

The quicker people see you and recognise you as someone who wears the hijab, the sooner you'll feel comfortable in it every day.

🛍 Treat Yourself to a Few New Wardrobe Bits!

I definitely count the 'beginning of a hijab journey' as something to celebrate.

If you've got some savings aside, or if you're able to ask a family member to support your journey, I'd recommend investing in some new clothing pieces.  

Often when we begin wearing hijab, we open our closet and realise that maybbeeee we don't have that many outfits that are suitable to wear a scarf with (and that's okay!). You're slowly understanding this new part of your identity and it'll take time to get to where you want to be.

Make a day of it, get a friend to come along with you and have a fun shopping trip – it honestly has a huge positive impact.

❤️ Remember, You Don't Have to do this Alone

I'd highly recommend reaching out to a sister you know that currently wears the hijab.

Thankfully, I had my sister in law to speak to during this time and it really makes a big difference because they can offer you the right advice.

You may want to ask them things like, "what encourages you to wear the hijab every day?", "how do you look after your hair to keep it healthy?", "what do you love the most about it?".

Sometimes just by getting another person's perspective on the hijab can add to your understanding and love for it. You're already at the point where you want to wear it, but perhaps you just need those comforting, heart-softening words to finally help you make that step.

(If you ever need someone to speak to about your hijab journey, our DMs are always open @anonymouslyzara)

🤲🏼 Make Sincere Dua to Allah SWT to Inspire Your Heart

Often, when we're eager to make a big life decision, we allow ourselves to fall into this spiral of conflicting thoughts, inner dialogue and self-reliance. But we forget that we can communicate with Allah SWT and release all of our emotions with dua.

The power of dua is real. It truly is the weapon of the believer, so why are we so hesitant and forgetful when it comes to using it?

Wake up in the last third of the night (around 30 minutes before fajr) and make sincere dua to Allah SWT to place the love of hijab in your heart and inspire you to wear it. Ask Him to make you firm upon it and to allow you to connect with all that it stands for. 

Dua can also help you overcome any confusion you may have. When we try to take a big step towards Allah, the whispers of Shaytaan begin as a means to distract us and steer us off. Try your best to keep yourself firm on your decision, knowing full well that the endless reward from Allah is waiting for you.

💄 Make an Effort to Feel Beautiful When You're Home

One of the reasons Muslim women wear the hijab is for the sake of protecting their beauty and keeping it sacred for the people in their lives who are allowed to see it (her mehrams).

For this reason, prioritise the things that make you feel beautiful and confident in front of your spouse or when you're at home with family because then it won't feel as if your hijab has taken this away from you.

For example, I absolutely love skincare and haircare and it's something that makes me feel good about myself. After a long day of wearing hijab outside, something like taking care of my skin just makes me feel really confident!

It's easy to keep your hair in a messy bun or to stop taking care of your body when covering yourself but it don't fall into this pattern! Let the hijab be a reason to take even more care of yourself because you know that you're keeping your beauty protected for you and your loved ones.

Top Tip: Arrange girls-only evenings, at-home afternoon tea parties, and sisterly motives to give you an excuse to dress-up and feel amazing with your friends! 😍

Forget the Outside Noise – This is Between you and Allah. ❤️

Unfortunately, so many of us live within communities and cultures that look down upon women that wear the hijab correctly and cover for the sake of Allah.

While many cultures promote the significance of the hijab, some cultural views can result in comments like, "you look older in the hijab" or "wait until you get married before doing this" or even "it looks unattractive"  – you'd be surprised the way many people view this beautiful command of Allah.

Nonetheless, you've so bravely chosen to observe the hijab with the aim of drawing closer to your Lord so forget the outside noise and remember that this is sincerely between you and Allah SWT.

He sees your efforts and he sees the internal and external trials you're facing so persevere and keep going, knowing that He is Al-Baseer (The All-Seeing).

We're all answerable to Allah on our own, so focus on your efforts in this dunya to ensure your success in the hereafter.

We'd love to hear about your hijab journey in the comments below. 👇 Remember, by sharing your story you could inspire someone to take that leap, meaning you get rewarded for it too InshaAllah!