September is finally upon us and, while this time usually brings a whole heap of emotions for everyone, it's fair to say it's a non-stop, on-the-go month for most.

And it only seemed right for me to share my top product recommendations to help you get you into work/study mode and be raring to go!

Whether it's your first year of uni that you're heading into, or maybe it's a brand new job on the horizon for you – revamping your essentials, sprucing up your stationary kit and purchasing a cool gadget is just what you need sometimes!

Okay, let's jump into it...

1.Charger Bag / Organiser πŸ”Œ

πŸ”Ž Amazon Β - Β£16.99

If you're anything like me, you probably shove your headphones, phone charger, laptop charger, hard-drive and random wires into your handbag and just leave the house.

I had to learn the hard way that this wasn't practical!

I took a leaf out of my surprisingly-organised older bother's book and looked into purchasing a cute charger bag to help get my life together.

The anti-scratch, zipped compartments keeps all your technology-related essentials completely safe and secure, so you don't have to worry about rummaging through your bag every hour!

It also upholds the quality of expensive items, as we all know that stuffing anything into our handbags will end up with crumbs in them, drinks spilt all over, and unnecessary bits of dirts in the wires (not cool).

2. 'Actually Productive' Daily Planner πŸ“

πŸ”ŽAmazon - Β£7.99

I'm a sucker for any daily planner / cute calendars / aesthetically-pleasing notebooks - I can't help it!

If it looks good on my desk, then it's going straight into my basket.

This stunning daily planner is the perfect accessory that's actually useful. You can organise your top priorities for the day, journal your meal plans, and track your monthly goals.

3.Travel Prayer Mat πŸ“Ώ

πŸ”ŽAmazon – Β£4.29

Unfortunately, the majority of us living in Western countries won't have access to local prayer rooms / facilities when we're out and about.

If you haven't got a local Mosque nearby, or you haven't located a prayer space in your uni / work campus just yet – having a travel prayer mat in your bag at all times is a must.

It means that, wherever you are, you can find a quiet place to pray without having to lay down your coat, or worry about the area being unclean!

My travel prayer mat stayed with me all throughout my uni years and it really does save me whenever I'm out during salah time.

You can find an affordable travel prayer mat on Amazon, and it comes in a handy bag so you can easily fold it away afterwards.

Amazon Travel Prayer Mat

4.Bento Lunchbox with Washable Cutlery 🍽

πŸ”ŽAmazon – Β£12.99

If you're someone who prefers to have their own cutlery set on them for packed lunches, then a Bento box is ideal.

These lunch boxes gained a ton of popularity for their compact yet super efficient design layout. It comes with it's own spoon and fork set that clicks into the top of the box, and let's not forget the handy compartments to help section your meals! πŸ’ͺ🏽

This a really useful product to invest in for the days when you don't want to buy meals from outside, or if your workplace doesn't have anywhere decent to grab food from.

Not to mention, you'll be saving a ton of money by relying on packed lunches, and it's a great way to fuel your body with all that home-cooked goodness (Mama would be proud!).

5. Everyday Tote Bag πŸ‘œ

πŸ”Ž H&M - Β£14.99

Don't you just love a big ol' bag that can carry absolutely everything?!

From holding your skincare essentials to laptop and iPads, and big study folders – having an essential tote bag can really make a world of difference.

Not only are they more durable than our chic handbags when it comes to carrying heavy loads, you can also find beautifully designed ones to match your OOTD!

I always rely on H&M when it comes to strong totes and they haven't seemed to let me down just yet.

Click below to see the cream one I love! πŸ‘‡

6. Skincare/ Hygiene Essentials On the Go 🀝

Having a bunch of skincare essentials in my bag isn't something I started doing until I began working in an office. My skin was prone to getting clogged up from being on busy London trains, and all that commuting wasn't doing my already-oily skin any favours!

This essentials kit also helped me in terms of hygiene purposes because – let's face it – public toilets aren't the one. πŸ‘€

Here's what I'd recommend keeping in a small travel-sized kit:

These are just a few of the mini necessary bits that would help me feel clean and fresh throughout the working day!

7. Free-Standing Phone Case 🀳🏽

πŸ”ŽAmazon – Β£9.99

Watching something on my phone while I'm eating has become a bit of a habit!

This phone case has a handy stand that pops out when you need it so you can watch all your favourite YouTube videos while on lunch!

Okay, in all fairness, you should really be trying to talk to your colleagues, but you know those days when you just want to do your own thing and have lunch without conversations? Yep - I hear ya!

No more balancing all the books on top of each other just to get your phone to stand straight – this phone case has your back, and it's own. πŸ˜†

8. The Perfect Leak-Proof Water Bottle πŸ’¦

πŸ”ŽAmazon – Β£8.99

If the lockdowns have taught us anything about ourselves, it's reminded us of just how important it is to look after our health, change our bad habits and create better lifestyles for long term benefits.

And with all that being said – hydration is key!

I'd be lost without my 1L water bottle and it's an absolute essential for your academic start to the year, or if you're hitting the big city for your new job.

Make sure to invest in a decent, leak-proof 1L bottle so you don't have to worry about it spoiling your books if you decide to chuck it in your bag on your way out the door.

9. Pastel Pens and Highlighters

πŸ”ŽAmazon – Β£6.99

I mean – seriously. how could you resist?!

Pastel Highlighters on Amazon

Okay – to brand these as 'essentials' could be taking it too far, but how cute are these pastel highlighters?!

I always find that pretty stationary bits and bobs would help me soak in more knowledge when studying because my pages had so much more character.

Even if you're WFH, going into campus, or if you just love a good pen collection – Amazon have a ton of products to help you spruce up your pencil case!

(Adds to basket immediately πŸ™Š)

10. Cosy Room Essentials πŸ₯°

It's not quite yet time to dig out the thick duvets or parker coats, but it's always a shout to create a more cosy vibe to your room now that the Summer months are drawing to an end.

There's nothing better than coming home to a comfort corner after a long, tiresome day in the office or on campus! Here's a few products I purchasing around this time of year to make me feel more relaxed in the evenings:

Asda's Rose & Oud Diffuser and Candle Set – Β£7.50

This Jo Malone dupe has been flying off the shelves in Asda because of how long-lasting and just gorgeous the smell is. I discovered this set a few years back, and my friends and I honestly can't get enough of them!

If you're on the hunt for a beautiful fragrant without burning a whole through your wallet, I'd recommend taking a trip to your local Asda and getting your hands on this set.

Warm Fuzzy Bed Throw – Β£35.99

A creamy hot choc, a good book in one hand, and wrapped up in this lush throw – sounds like a dream!

A comfy throw is a game-changer in those slightly colder months and the best part is, it adds such a nice touch to your living space, too. They're not too thin and not too think – just the perfect level of cosiness for your September days ahead. ☁️

Although the one in the picture above is from Amazon, you can pick these up from your local supermarket or nearby home shops for a cheaper price.

Sometimes a comfort blanket just does the trick!

Global String Lights – Β£8.99

Global String Lights

There's something about bedroom string lights that make me so happy. Β No matter the style, colour or aesthetics of your room, hanging a few of these around the edge of your walls just brings the level of cosiness right up!

This is a great and inexpensive way to warm up the space so you're prepped for the shorter days, and longer, slightly cooler evenings ahead.

September Product Recommendations: Summary

And there we have it– I've wrapped my top product recommendations for the September month ahead to help you stay productive, organised and warm!

A lot of these products are absolute game-changers for me and definitely help me out whenever I Β feel demotivated, sluggish and sleepy.

It's normal to experience dips in our energy levels and we end up seeing more of this in the colder months, so any new or useful products you can utilise can often keep you upbeat and focussed on your goals!

Got any cool, handy product recommendations of your own? Let me know in the comments! πŸ‘‡