I always loved picking up a magazine on my walk.  

I enjoyed reading about psychology, and learning more about the big wide world we live in.

But, as a twenty-something Muslim woman, I couldn't often relate to the stories that these big publications would share.

While the Vogues, Cosmopolitans and Grazia's of the world were (and still are!) the main source of media content for women everywhere, the question was – how relatable is that content for me?

These platforms are plastered with trendy, hot topics that don't align with my identity and moral beliefs, and I never felt at ease when it came to consuming these sources.

After months of building up the courage, AnonymouslyZara was no longer a mere thought in mind, but instead a proud reality.

A digital home for women everywhere, AnonymouslyZara not only aims to bring you creative content that is comfortable to consume, but its goal is to embody who you are and what you stand for.

That's the story. Want to be a part of it?

Whether it's seeing people like you, hearing stories likes yours, or reading advice that you can implement into your life – this online space is a shared one.

These unfiltered experiences and stories are for you to embrace and to feel like – amidst the ever-changing online world – there can be somewhere that feels a little like home. 💓

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Zara x