Are you an aspiring writer, freelancer, author, or just a storytelling expert looking to grow in the writing industry whilst adhering to your deen?

MWC is an exclusive community for female Muslim Writers (both aspiring and experts) where you can network with others sisters in the industry, find work opportunities, and perfect your craft all in one place! Here's what you can expect 👇

You'll Have Access to:

🎟 A private Discord channel with all Muslimah Writers Club members

🌿 In-person writing workshops and events across London

🎥 Video writing tutorials led by Zara

💸 Written articles and guides on how to excel in the industry and make money

🤲🏼 Online courses on how to become a 'halal writer' and what that means

🎉 Guides on finding your writing niche

🤝 Social media strategies for promoting your work / blog

As a freelance writer and founder of a Muslim Lifestyle blog, I know there's a fair few hurdles when it comes to breaking into the writing industry. That's why I've compiled a list of resources to help you on your journey (and to prevent you making the same mistakes I did!).


What Does It Mean to Be a Halal Writer?

We use the phrase 'halal writer' to refer to a writer who is conscious that the content they are creating is permissable and in line with Islamic values. As Muslims, our aim is to please Allah in all that we do so, when we freelance for a company, publish a blog post, or even come up with an Instagram caption – we have to ensure it's true, kind, and doesn't conflict with our deen!

More on this topic will be covered within our MWC guides and tutorials.

Can the Content Be Shared with Friends and Family?

As this is a paid-for community, we do ask that all content (including video tutorials and written guides) are kept to yourself just to keep it fair for all our members. However, if you do refer the club to a loved one, they'll get a discount off of their first month thanks to you!

How Can I Access the Discord Channel?

As soon as you become a member of the club, you'll receive an onboarding email where we will provide you with a link to the Discord channel. That is where you'll be able to connect with all the other amazing Muslimah Writers. 

How Often Are Tutorials and Guides Posted? 

Every week, brand new tutorials and written guides will come your way so you won't have to wait long at all before the next content drop! We will also be releasing collabs with experts in the writing industry so watch this space. 👀

This course covers aspects like:  

🤲🏼 Keeping your intentions sincere throughout this venture

🤝 Figuring our your niche (what to actually write about)

🤷🏽‍♀️ Creating a blog – including a full breakdown on how to use Ghost.Org (the blogging platform I use)

💸 Earning an income from your blog (Amazon Affiliate program and creating 'paid reader' memberships)

✍🏼 How to write binge-worthy blog posts that actually get opened, plus my non negotiables when writing.

🌎 Creating and connecting with your community of readers

This page is the very first stride into your self-paced blogging journey. You'll receive regular updates every time a new guide/video appears.

So what are you waiting for... 👀👇