Blog Building & Beyond is an online course, designed to help Muslims build, grow and make money from their online blog, whilst adhering to the Islamic way of life. ✨

What does this mean and why does it matter? 👇

As Muslims, it's important that we're careful with what we're putting out into the big wide world – be it a physical or digital product, a service or forms of social content.

Being able to remain truthful to our audience, clean in our earnings, and conscious of Allah SWT is crucial.

In our tech-driven societies – populated with influential Instagrammers, TikTok trends, and content creators –  more and more people are looking to share their passions or skillset online.

But the question is 👉🏼 how, as Muslims, can we do this without being deterred from our faith-based lifestyle?

As someone who's been working as a professional writer for and has dealt with various hurdles along the way, I've compiled this course filled with videos and guides to help you succeed as a Muslim in the blogging sphere. 🤝

This course covers aspects like:  

🤲🏼 Keeping your intentions sincere throughout this venture

🤝 Figuring our your niche (what to actually write about)

🤷🏽‍♀️ How and where to create your blog – including a full breakdown on how to use Ghost.Org (the blogging platform I use)

🤳🏽 Practical guides and strategies for promoting your blog on socials (including ways to avoid showing your face / covering parts of your personal identity)

💸 Earning an income from your blog (Amazon Affiliate program and creating 'paid reader' memberships)

✍🏼 How to write binge-worthy blog posts that actually get opened, plus my non negotiables when writing.

🌎 Creating and connecting with your community of readers

This page is the very first stride into your self-paced blogging journey. You'll receive regular updates every time a new guide/video appears.